Guatemala 2016

Just recently returned from an absolutely incredible experience in Guatemala, where I spent just over a week helping out on the Anna Vitiello Orphanage in Sumpango. My life has been changed in ways I could never begin to fully explain and I will be releasing a new song (which I wrote in Guatemala about the orphanage) along with a music video (featuring clips I took on the trip) very soon. I am thrilled to show you the amazing people I met there. 

Summer 2015 & X Factor

This has been by far my most eventful summer yet. I had the opportunity to fly to London, England to audition on Britain's X Factor, and managed to make it to the 4th round! The trip was planned and booked 2 days before I left and I was only there for 7 days, but my friend and I filmed a documentary of what happened in those 7 days which you can watch right here!

After X Factor, I came back to Edmonton and was fortunate to have won first place in the Beaumont Blues Fest which gave me $1000 to put towards paying off my trip! 


There has been some crazy things going on in the past few weeks that I should mention!

1. I was scouted for X Factor UK and flew down to London to audition! Made it to the 4th round of pre-televised auditions!

2. I was selected as the winner of Beaumont's Blues Fest and won $1000 towards the recording of my new material (and paying off my Europe trip!)

3. I've been writing some of the best material of my life, and I'm super excited to share it with everyone.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to my new website!

I spent a while working on this thing but I'm happy to see it turn out exactly the way I envisioned it! I hope for this to serve as a connection to all my other social media links as well as just providing an easy way to get to know me and to get in contact.

I appreciate you taking the time to check it out!